Two Jigs & A Rap Fishing Team

September 1987 - Upper Rideau Lake & Bob's Lake
Westport, Ontario
This was the Teams first big trip away from home together.  We rented a
couple of cabins with the Squire family and stayed on Upper Rideau Lake in
the town of Westport, Ontario. After fishing the lake a few days and not
catching very many fish we knew we had to make a change.  

We went out for a drive to discover some of Ontario and started looking for
another lake that we could tow the boat to and hopefully have some better
success fishing.  We somehow stumbled on Bob's Lake and a boat ramp at
Cedar Haven Cottages.  

We came back with the boat the next morning, spent the day exploring the
lake, catching lots of fish, and just having a great time!

This was the beginning of many years to come for the Two Jigs & A Rap
Fishing Team's  fishing adventures together.
The only way in and out from the cabin on Upper Rideau Lake
was to pass through the farm gates.
Al on the boat dock by the cabins on Upper Rideau Lake.
Mike landing a largemouth.
Ray unhooking a bass on Bob's Lake.
Tom removing the lure from a bass before its release.
Mike standing on the front rails of the
boat to retrieve his lure from a tree...
Ray and Tom while heading across the lake as we
head out on Bob's Lake.
That's Al and Kitty in the Whaler following behind
us and Cedar Haven on the back left shoreline.
Ray pulled in a pike from the weedbeds.
Mike with a largemouth on a sunny, but chilly fall morning!
Tom bringing in a bass on a spinnerbait.
Pulling Tom's boat out of the lake on the ramp at Cedar Haven.
This is believed to be the first of many 'Team'
photo's to be taken throughout the following years.  

Mike, Ray and Tom...September 1987....Next to the
cabin on Upper Rideau Lake.
The whole gang from the week in Ontario.