Two Jigs & A Rap
Fishing Team
October 2004
Bob's Lake, Ontario
The Team ...Ray, Tom and Mike ...Oct 1, 2004.
Mike caught and released many of
these average sized fall bass.
Tom got this 31 1/2 incher out in Green Bay.
Ray caught this one on our last evening out.
This 34 1/2 inch pike hit Mike's spinnerbait.
Tom with a chunky smally
on a bright sunny fall day.
Ray even 'saved the senko'
when he caught this bass.
Ray and Mike with an
afterdark bass 'doubleheader'!
This fat autumn bass was caught by
Mike on the last afternoon out.
Tom with a 'Buck Bay' walleye.
Ray netting a big pike for Tom.
Mike is sitting in the front taking this photo of Ray driving the
Tracker to the next spot while Tom looks on from the back.