Two Jigs & A Rap
Fishing Team
-- Whitefish Lake, The Cranberry Lake's, and
Dog Lake in Ontario-- June-July 2005

The Team stayed on Whitefish Lake at Shangri-La Lodge.  We were
able to fish all the lakes without passing through the locks.  We found
lots of good fishing here!
"The Team", Mike, Ray & Tom after a
week of some very fine fishing.
Tom used a lizard to catch this bass in Whitefish Lake.
Mike picked up this bass doing
some early morning topwater fishing.
Ray caught this bass after a boat ride to Cranberry Lake.
Tom and Mike with a couple of
average sized bass caught around
Deans Island.
Tom and Ray at Cranberry Lake
with some largemouth.
Tom caught plenty of bass
like this all week.
This big bowfin slammed Mike's
spinnerbait just off of Deans Island.
The Team having dinner before
heading out for the evening fishing.
Ray with one of the many
bass he caught this week.