Two Jigs & A Rap
Fishing Team
Whitefish Lake  Cranberry Lakes  
Ontario - July 2006

Early July Bass Fishing in Ontario while staying at the
Shangri-La Lodge at Jones Falls.
We caught lots of largemouth bass this week with an occasional pike or
smallie.  We had some great meals at the lodge, and with real good topwater
action in the morning and evenings, so we had lots of fun.  No really huge fish
this year, but lots of bass to keep it exciting!
Mike fishing the shoreline an admiring the view.
Ray and his rig after a great week on Whitefish Lake.
Mike catching fish on topwater lures.
Tom with an early morning bass.
Toms 'suspend Rapala' came
through again and again.
Tom and Ray walking down to the boat docks.
Two bass hitting the same lure and both being
hooked & landed doesn't happen very often as
Mike gets really lucky.
Ray catching bass with his senko.
Ray and Tom prepping the boat for an outing.
Tom with a nice fish at the entrance to the channel.
Ray catching bass on a spinnerbait.
Mike with a fat largemouth.