Two Jigs & A Rap Fishing Team
Baptiste Lake - July 2007
Ray, Tom and Mike at Sunrise Lodge outside of Bancroft, Ontario.

A heat wave and then a cold front made the fishing a bit tough this
week, but the Team managed to get some nice fish into the boat while
exploring Baptiste Lake.
Ray jigged up this smallie from the lake's
Below is Ray and Mike fishing on a early
foggy morning.
Tom pulled up this early morning walleye from a
school of fish in 30 feet of water.
Mike caught this smallmouth on our
first morning out on a jig.
Here's looking up at our cabin from the boat dock.
This pike hit Ray's spook while he was topwater
bass fishing!
This largemouth hit Mike's Skitterpop in West Bay.
The light rain didn't stop Tom from catching some
nice smallmouth.
A bass for Ray and a pike for Mike while fishing the
lily pads below Hamilton Bay.
Tom with a 24" walleye that hit his tube jig.
Ray getting things organized in the boat
before we head out for some fishing.
Tom and Mike preparing dinner in the cabin.
Tom and Ray by the boat at the ramp.  We are all loaded up and ready to head
home after an exciting week on the Baptiste Lake.