Two Jigs & A Rap Fishing Team
August 2007 - Bob's Lake, Ontario
Lots of fish were caught by this years
Fishing Team and a good time was had by all!
Tom with an 18 1/2" Smallie.
Ray with a fat largemouth.
Ray catching walleye on a tube jig.
Mike's 18 3/4" Largemouth.
Michael's early morning 18 1/2" big bass.
Tom holding one of the many bass he
caught this August.
Mike with a 27 1/4" pike
This largemouth fell for Ray's
Tom holding one of many Bob's Lake pike
he caught and released.
Mark and Michael with a double-header of fat
largemouth bass.
Mike fishing from the front of his
boat in Long Bay.
The rain didn't stop Mark from putting fish
in the boat.
The sun shining down on Michael while
he's successfully bassing!
Shannon and Charlotte all ready for a boat ride.
Some thunderstorms pushed the fish fry into
Mike and Madeline's cabin.
Looking for mica and quartz at the mines.
Getting out of the boats at the mica mine site.
Mark heading back to camp from the mine site.
Tom cooking up some great food at the
cookout on his lakefront cabin deck.
Having lunch after a day out at Mexicali Rosa's in Perth.
The group at the Smith Falls Hershey Factory.
Justin and Marisa enjoying the beauty of a
Bob's Lake sunset.
Tom wins the 1st place prize for the biggest
Smallmouth Bass!
Overlooking the Tay River in downtown Perth, Ontario.
Checking out photos on our last night on the
lake after the award's ceremony.
Pulling Ray's boat out of the water at the ramp.
Mark caught this nice 17 1/2" largemouth.
At the point...everyone came in their Christmas
bathrobes to surprise Tom & Janet at the cookout
Everyone's laughing...guess who came naked?