Two Jigs & A Rap Fishing Team

Weslemkoon Lake, Ontario, July 2008
North Part of the Lake

It was a good week at Lake Weslemkoon, east of Bancroft Ontario.  
The Team caught some really good sized bass, both largemouth and smallmouth,
during their week long stay.  
We had a nice, clean cabin at Camp Still Waters (now called Hidden Cove Cottage
resort) and our hosts, Randolph and Linda, were great people, helping us with
whatever we needed to make our stay great.
Here's just a few photo's of some of our weeks good times out fishing!
This shows just the northern portion of Lake Weslemkoon, and
the red star shows  the location of Camp Still Waters, our home
for the week.  Lots of water was explored including Otter Lake.
Ray, Mike, and Tom  each holding a bass for a picture before releasing them.
Ray caught his first better sized bass of the week.
Tom and his 20 inch plus largemouth, which he caught on a trip in Otter Lake.
Here's Mike with a smallie he caught on a good outing later in the week.
View of the bay from the docks at Camp Still Waters.
Tom with a bass he pulled in from the stumps.
As the sky darkens before a storm, Ray connects with this fish.
Mike with an early morning smallie he caught fishing topwater.
Yes, there were small fish too, which Ray and Mike
proved fishing in this stumpfield.
Tom and Ray fishing in the early morning fog.
The Team paused to take a quick picture while
they were loading up the truck for the ride home.