Two Jigs & A Rap Fishing Team

Bob's Lake, Ontario - Cedar Haven Cottages - September 2009

We had perfect weather for a fishing trip this fall.  It started off warm and
ended a bit cool, but the fish didn't seem to mind it.  Everyone caught their share
of fish and had a great time.
This pike nailed Mike's spinnerbait.
Ray with one of the many pike he caught.
Tom picked up this pike on a windy, but sunny day.
Ok, so we did sneak out and away from fishing on the lake once for a
pancake breakfast at Wheelers!
Getting ready to head out for
some morning fishing!
Tom pulled this baby from the side of
a rock shoal in a bay.  What a chunk!
On the first trip out Mike caught
this one next to a boat dock.
Below, Ray was working the shoreline when he hit
this one.
Some other shots from
throughout the week!
Ray tossing crankbaits for fish worked well for him this week.
Tom was tubing for smallies.
Mike caught lots of largemouth like this throughout the week.
We took this Team pic on our last nite out on the lake for the week just
before we headed back into camp.
Tom's out on the dock on our last night on the lake
taking one last sunset photo!  An absolutely
beautiful view to remember a great the week by!