August 2010 at Bob's Lake, Ontario

Families & Friends on the Lake Week
Here's the whole gang from the 2010 week on Bob's Lake at Cedar Haven Cottages.
Above is Tom with a walleye and his prize
winning largemouth bass.
Above is Ray with his best
smallmouth and a nice largemouth.
Here's Mark with a nice pike and
a largemouth bass.
Above is Mike with the biggest
pike of the week & his best
Below is Michael holding up
his biggest pike and fattest
Emily caught this nice bass on
a real cool morning, and the
other bass on a warm day.
Kevin's enjoying the last night out on the
deck at Cedar Haven with everyone.
Here's Julia searching for the big one back
in Mud Bay on an early misty morning.
Janet spent lots of time sitting of the dock
in front of her cabin enjoying the lake.
Here's Madeline enjoying a walk in Westport, and
she stopped by the Church St bakery.
On a beautiful summer morning Shannon enjoys some
peaceful time reading while overlooking the main lake.
This was the 11th Annual Canadian Fish Fry down at
Mike & Madeline's cabin, but the weeks only rainstorm
chased us inside.  The bluegills cooperated again this
year and everyone got to enjoy them.
Something different in this cabin every year.  This was
'Gangsta Goulash Day' on the point!  Everyone spent the
afternoon at Tom and Janet's cabin enjoying a meal!

This years 'guys' are Mark, Michael,
Mike, Tom, Ray & Kevin.
The 'gals' are Madeline, Emily, Julia,
Shannon & Janet.
Below are the winners of the 2010 Bob's Lake Fishing Contest
hosted by Mark and Julia!  Mike got the biggest pike of the week,
31 3/4 inches.  Ray caught the biggest smallmouth bass of the trip
measuring 19 inches.  Tom landed the biggest largemouth bass at
19 1/4 inches long!  Mike caught the smallest gamefish of the
week on a lure, a 6 1/8 inch largemouth.   There were some
outstanding gifts awarded as prizes, but  I've heard the M&M's
with Mike's face imprinted on them were hard to swallow...LOL!
Here's the boat's we used this week being pulled
from the lake.  A sad time!  It's over till next year!
Below is a collection of pics from some of the weeks fun on the lake.