Two Jigs & A Rap Fishing Team
Bob's Lake, Ontario - August 2011
A Week at Cedar Haven Cottages

We had a smaller then usual group at the lake this year.  The weather
was great, the fishing was great, and everyone had a good time.  
Hopefully we will have the whole gang back together for next years trip!

Below is Mike, Ray and Mark out on the deck at Marks cabin.
Below is Sue and Madeline at Wheelers
Pancake House.
Ray, Sue & Mike enjoying a meal in
Perth at Mex & Co. along the Tay River
Mark caught this fat largemouth bass
on an evening trip out on the lake.
Mike caught this Smallmouth on an early
morning trip with a spinnerbait.
This pike tried to take away Ray's senko!
Madeline with her big surprise
smallmouth bass while bluegill
Sue caught this largemouth bass on
a evening trip in Mud Bay.
Mark, Ray & Mike down at the boats
preparing for a fishing trip.
This years Bob's Lake Gang enjoying a
hearty breakfast at Wheelers!
Harley with Mark & Madeline after
dark enjoying an evening outside.
Stuffing our faces at the annual 'Mike's Canadian
Fish Fry' event held in Mike and Madelines cabin.
Mark held his annual fishing contest and awarded prizes
to the weeks happy winners on the last evening of the trip!
Below is lots of pics of some of the
good times we all had on Bobs Lake
during August 2011.