Two Jigs & A Rap
Fishing Team
Mike & Ray spent a few days this June fishing Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire.  
Very windy conditions made the first few days tough to fish, but they got a break in the
weather towards the end of their stay and caught plenty of fish.  They caught some
bass off of the main lake, and did well in the back bays with bass, pickerel and panfish.  
Trolling in the evening with Walter and Erich was very good this year with quite a few
hits and fish in the boat!  A little 'salmon chop' on the water along with a colorful sunset
made for a great time on the lake.
Lake Winnipesaukee NH
June 2011
Mike, Erich and Ray ready to head out fishing.
Mike and Ray at the ramp.
The lake is finally nice and calm on this morning
while Mike enjoys catching some smallies .
Mike pulled this one from a rock pile
on Lake Winnipesaukee.
Ray caught a couple of fish like this off of
a big boulder before the winds kicked up.
Ray pulled in a 19" largemouth out
from under a dock.
Walter came with the net just in time!
Mike driving the Tracker back onto the trailer.
All of us after a very successfull and fun filled
night out fishing on Lake Winnipesaukee.
Erich, Ray & Walter with another fish in the boat.
Ray & Erich with a nice pair of smallmouth.
Erich proved right away he could get one bigger
than Mike would.
Getting Walters
boat ready to
head out on the