Two Jigs & A Rap Fishing Team
August 2014, Bob's Lake
Cedar Haven Cottages, Ontari
Well, trying to continue the traditional TJR Family and Friends week on Bobs Lake was a tough one this
year.  We had the smallest group since it started in 1998, but the group will be larger again next year.

We sure did miss the old gang being there!

Mother Nature was a bit cruel to the Canadians and us this year as the weather had stayed cool for
most of our summer week. Temperatures ranged from the 50's to mid 70's the whole time we were
there.  There was little very little sunshine, lots of fog and clouds, and luckily just a little rain.

The fish didn't seem to mind at all as the bass and pike cooperated throughout the whole week. A good
time was had by all by fishing, boating, 2 fish fry's, and with trips to Wheeler's, Perth, Westport and
Sharbot Lake.
Mike caught this pike on a spinnerbait.
Mike & Mark preparing to head out on the lake fishing.
Mark caught this nice pike while tossing
a popper in the early evening.
Early on a foggy morning, here's Mark with the first
smallie he picked up tossing to some docks.
Mike was tossing jigs and catching fish, including
this smallmouth.
Madeline out shopping in Sharbot Lake!
Mark fishing off of Little Mike Island while waiting
for the fog to lift in the channel.
Mark with a fat largemouth he caught on
one of the many cooler mornings.
Mike relaxing and watching our cabins resident red
squirrel on the deck.
Mark's enjoying a good book and cigar
while 'vacationing' between fishing trips.
Mike caught this largemouth while casting
into the shallows one cool morning.
Mike fishing in the darkness of a beautiful
morning as the sun is getting ready to rise.
Madeline having breakfast while looking
out over the boat docks in the morning.
Pulling the boat from the lake after a great week.
Now we are all packed up and ready to go home, so  we
spent one last night outside along the lake ..... till next year!