Two Jigs & A Rap Fishing Team
August 2016 - Bob's Lake, Ontario
Mike and Tom getting ready to head out and start their week of fishing on Bob's Lake.  The fish know we are there!

After being welcomed to the lake by extreme heat, an overnight cold front moved through Saturday night into Sunday morning with lots
of wind and heavy rain.  It left behind a week of perfect weather for us, cool at night and just warm enough during the day to be really
The water level was down the lowest we have ever seen during the summer, but its temperature was just right for lake swimming.  The
largemouth bass sure liked it as they were consistently biting throughout the week with lots of nice sized fish being caught.
Tom pulled this heavy bass just off of a weedbed.
Nothing like big bass on topwater lures in the early morning!
Tom fishing for smallies with his tube jig.
Mike spent lots of time jigging for bass.
Getting ready to head out for the evening!
Tom and Mike relaxing between fishing trips!
Mike and Julia in the water at Cedar Haven.
Julia and Tom out for a swim in Steamboat Bay.
A good year for spending time in the water ourselves!
Madeline enjoying the beautiful view of the islands from the deck .
Julia and Madeline hanging out in the evening.
All the bass seemed to have fat bellies this year!
Caught this one on a spinnerbait.
This one went for Mike's jig.
Yes there were pike, but I believe there were more lines
cut by pike this year than we ever had before!
Coming back into dock after a long morning fishing.
The 2016 Gang had to get to Wheeler's Pancake House and Sugar
Bush for a pancake breakfast with lots of their real maple syrup.  
Love their sausage too!
Julia relaxing by the docks during the week.
One of those views that you see when out on the lake that you just don't forget!
Relaxing after a good week on the lake!  Missing those who
couldn't be here this year, and looking forward to next year!  
It was a good time!
With the boat now pulled out of the water and its time to
pack up to head home......not fun!
Ray....still always with us.