Two Jigs & A Rap
Fishing Team
Bob's Lake, Ontario  
August 2017
Back at Cedar Haven again!
This weeks fishing team - Mike, Tom, Mark and Dave!  Dave fished with
all of us way, way, way back when we were teenagers! Glad he had
time to join us for a couple of days of fishing an catching up this year!
The sun is just coming up and Tom gets a
smallie on his tube jig.
Mike jigged up a nice smallmouth!
Mark with a fat smallie he caught.
Dave with a largemouth on his first
night out on Bob's Lake.
A breakfast trip to Wheelers is a
must during our trip to Canada.
Mike has to get his Maple
Donut fix from Tim Hortons.
Tom and Mark heading back to the cabins
after an early morning trip out fishing.
Mike and Tom hanging out on the deck.
Enjoying a lunchtime fish fry.
Madeline shopping at the Canadian border
duty free store.
Ready to head back out on the lake!
Tom with his huge and biggest bass of the week!
Mike with his biggest pike of the week!
Mark with the biggest pike of the week.
Below is some more of the highlights from the week....