Two Jigs & A Rap
Fishing Team
Bobs Lake, Ontario
August 2019
It was a beautiful week on the lake this year.   Starting a little on the warm side and ending on the cool side.  A good
time was had by all.  Only a little rain this time, and Cedar Haven now has Dwayne and his family managing the
camp!  This weeks group is pictured below.  No lunker size fish this trip, but more than enough others to keep it fun!
Tom, Mark and Mike put in a good week on the lake fishing.
We watched this eagle defend its perch from
an osprey!  
Mark kept catching bass on surface plugs all week!
Mike had luck jigging for largemouth bass.
Toms frog came through in Long Bay!
Marks Whopper Plopper accounted for a lot of fish .
A little rain means nothing to Mike if the fish are biting.
Does it look like Tom is having fun catching pike?
Mad getting things ready for the fish fry!
Nothing beats a fresh bluegill fish fry.
All ready to head out fishing, Mark waits for
the rest of the team by enjoying the view.
Tom working his magic on the smallies!
Heading out on the lake on
Mike's Tracker.
Mike and Mark
with a couple
of Bobs Lake
No trip is complete without a stop at Wheelers
Pancake House, Sugar Camp & Museums.
Smallmouth for Mark!
Lots of crappie around too!
Nice pike Tom!
Sorry to hear of your passing this year Lee!  We will all miss your
stories, fishing reports, and talking together with you between
fishing trips every year!  A pleasure knowing you. RIP Mr. Fox
Below is lots of other
pics from throughout the
Ray ... always with us!