Two Jigs & A Rap
Fishing Team
September 2019
Lake Lillinonah and Candlewood Lake, CT
Mike and Mark spent many beautiful fall days fishing in Connecticut on Lake
Lillinonah where some beautiful and nice sized fish cooperated. One trip to
Candlewood Lake was only good for a few small fish this time.
This big tiger
Mark as it
struck his
lure as he
was about to
lift it out of
the water at
the boat.
Mike enjoyed catching
some fat largemouth
bass during this fall
Mike waiting at the dock as the early morning mist rises.
Mark cruising down the lake to change fishing spots.
Marks plopper was a
hot lure for him which
this big smally couldn't
Early morning view at the boat ramp on Lake Lillinonah.
Mike gets surprised by a Lake Lillinonah pike!
Mark with an early morning bass, and a nice one later
in the day as the sun came out and warmed us up.
Mike with a big largemouth on a senko,
and a warm sunny morning smallmouth.
And below is some more assorted pics from our
beautiful fall days fishing in the lakes of Connecticut.