Mike and Hoagy
White Lake, Ontario - June 2019
Diamond Valley Cottages
Mike and Hoagy ventured up to White Lake, Ontario and stayed at Diamond
Valley Cottages for a week and spent almost all of their time there out on the
lake fishing!   It started out as a warm week and ended up a bit cooler and
rainy, yet we caught our share of fish. No monster sized fish this trip, but a lot
of nice sized ones.
Before getting to White Lake, we stopped and launched the boat in Calabogie Lake.  
We caught an assortment of fish as Hoagy showed Mike around the lake that Hoagy
used to like to fish years ago.
Mike cooked breakfast one morning and Hoagy sure
seemed to enjoy it!
Mike and Hoagy with a couple of White Lake pike.
Mike picking through his tackle hoping to
find the right lure for the big fish!
Hoagy kept picking up bass with his weedless worm.
Mike fishing the lily pads with his frog lure.
Spotted this loon sitting on a nest.  Left the area
immediately so as not to disturb it.
View from the boat dock in the evening.
So into the
lake goes
Hoagys hat,
and Mike
retrieves it
with the net!
Hoagy rigging
up his rod
while a
appears in
the distant
Very strange, but hardly any fish were smallmouth this trip, but here's a couple of them!
Mike coming out of the cottage and heading for
the lake for some afternoon fishing.
Doubleheader, as Mike and Hoagy both hit
into some bass at the same time!
Below is some more pics from our time on White Lake, Ontario!
No fishing trip to Ontario is complete without Maple Donuts!