Current Events
A sad day as 'The
Ranger' makes its
final trip to

So many good
times were had
and wonderful
memories were
made on this boat.

Take care of it
Carey & catch us
all a big one!
Mike and Tom on the Tracker at Cedar Haven,
Bob's Lake, Ontario, August 2015!
Tom and Mike checking out some old tackle and
talking about doing some more fishing in 2016
Mike and Tom at Bobs Lake
Aug, 2017.
Mike, Mark and Tom getting ready to head out on
Bob's Lake, 2017!
Mike, Tom and Dave, Jan 31, 2018.  
Spent lots of time talking fishing!
Tom and Mike getting the boat
ready for some fishing in 2018.
Tom and Mike  visiting Mark in Dec 2018.  
Doing a lot of talking about fishing!
Mike, Mark and Tom at the lake
after a week of fishing, Aug 2018.