About Us

Throughout the 1980's, 1990's & 2000's, exploring the Eastern
US & Ontario's lakes and rivers became our favorite way of
doing this.  From drive-in's to fly-in's, and to rental boats and our
boats we sure have come a long way.  
In the late 1990's we also started our annual 'family and friends'
trip to Bob's Lake, Ontario, so everyone could get a taste of
what we had grown to love.  And it was, and still is, a hit with
everyone to this day.

At a point in time somewhere in the late 80's the team name
was thought of.  We were joking about the large size of the
tackle packs that we took out on each fishing trip.  Back then we
realized that after trying almost every lure in your box you
could catch almost any fish with a Rapala or a Jig.  Jigs were
always a favorite, but since they are so easy to be snagged and
lost you had to have two....Thats when 'Two Jigs & A Rap' was
With Ray's passing at the end of 2011, a very good
'thing' in our lives, our original 'The Team', came to an
The fishing and our times on the water will still continue
on, yet quite differently now.   This trips will still be
shared on these pages.  We will do our best to keep
the  'Team'  spirit alive and the blessed old good times
will always be remembered.....
About  the 'Original Team'

Mike, Tom and Ray from New Jersey are pictured below.   They
found nothing more enjoyable than the sport of catch and release
fishing.  Using artificials only, they pursued their favorite species of
fish, especially bass and pike anywhere and anytime they could.